Become a player @ 3778

Here at 3778 we are always looking for talented professionals that are interested in the use of machine learning algorithms for healthcare. We transform data into the best health experience for people, professionals and organizations, applying our own AI algorithms, as well as UX-focused applications. Our goal is to make health services integrated and accessible for everyone.

We are an Equal Opportunity Company that is growing fast and we want to grow with the best team, and it takes diversity to achieve that. Regardless of your color, religion, gender, you are very welcome to our process.

Compensation and Perks

  • Salary Starters:

Internship: R$1400 + R$100 VT

Jr: R$ 3.000+

Pl: R$ 6.000+

Sr: R$ 10.000+

Lead/Head: R$12.000+

  • Perks:

VR worth of R$ 425 for CLT

Bonus of up to 3x your salary for completed OKRs

Flexibility and possibility of Home-Office up to 2x per week

Health insurance Bradesco Saúde Hospitalar and customized family doctor plan, even for the PJ contract option!

Our team

Diversity is key. Our team, spawns multiple backgrounds such as Economists, Engineers, Computer Scientists, Medical Doctors, Journalists and Designers. We are partially remote and distributed between Belo Horizonte, São Paulo and Florianópolis. More information on specific team members is available at our homepage.

What skills are we looking for?

Data Science is a spectrum, and we divide into 4 positions: Data Engineer, Machine Learning Specialist, Data Scientist and Business Analyst. Below, we’ve listed characteristics that are common amongst each. This is by no means the usual “minimal requirements” for applying. Again, this is NOT a list of requirements.

Data Engineer

  • Interested in Scala, Python, and/or Clojure;
  • Writes up mad SQL queries using WITH clauses instead of sub-queries;
  • Extended knowledge of cloud providers such as AWS, GCP and Azure;
  • A grounded understanding of system architectures, especially those targeted at data intensive applications;
  • Experience using Airflow;
  • Can build and manage pipelines;
  • Working knowledge of computer networks and distributed systems;
  • Security minded, and understands basic concepts of threat modeling and cryptography;
  • Experience with AWS Athena/Redshift, Presto, Hive, Spark, or similar ETL and warehousing technologies;
  • Knows how to exit VIM;

Machine Learning Specialist

  • Interested in Python and Scala;
  • Uses libraries such as Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, PyTorch, Keras, Dask and MLlib;
  • Deploys APIs to serve machine learning models;
  • Can handle unbalanced datasets;
  • Writes unit tests;
  • Explains the bias-variance trade-off without blinking;
  • Knows how to report on different error metrics and when to use them;

Data Scientist

  • Interested in Python, R, or Julia;
  • Comfortable working with cloud providers such as AWS, GCP and Azure;
  • PhD or MS degree;
  • Can perform a statistical hypothesis test;
  • Understands a confusion matrix;
  • Explains the difference between parametric and non-parametric statistics;
  • Knows what this means: $ P(X \mid Y) = \frac{P(Y \mid X)P(X)}{P(Y)}$;
  • Tries to explain the Monty Hall problem and Lady tasting tea experiment at social gatherings.

Business Analyst

  • Experience or practical knowledge with healthcare;
  • Mainly uses Excel, Tableau, Qlik, Power BI, but is interested in learning Python and R;
  • Basic understanding of statistics, at least enough to interface with Data Scientists;
  • Excellent communication, both written and verbal, and presentation abilities;
  • Interested in Data visualization;
  • Knows how to synthesize complex concepts to present to C-level executives;
  • Doesn’t shy away from talking to clients.

If you feel that you fit into one, two or maybe even all of these categories: you are welcome to apply!

How to apply?

Data Engineer

Currently, we don’t have a specific challenge (but we are working on it!). For now, please send an email to with the title “Data Engineer @ 3778” and send relevant information. We normally reply in no more than 2 days.

Machine Learning Specialist, Data Analyst and Data Scientist

We’ve created a public challenge that is available at our GitHub page. To apply, generate a private repository from our template and start solving the challenge. When you think it looks good enough, invite dsevero to be a contributor on GitHub. The diagram below illustrates the rest.

(if the diagram below doesn’t appear, please refresh the page)

    participant 3778
    participant You
    participant Your repo.
    Note right of You: 1. Saw this website. <br> (you are here)
    You-->>Your repo.: 2. Generate from template.
    loop until it looks great!
        You-->>Your repo.: 3. Work on it a bit...
        You-->>3778: 4. What do you think?
        3778-->>Your repo.: 5. Evaluates
        Note right of 3778: if not good enough
        3778-->>You: 6. Suggests improvements
        Note right of 3778: else if looks <br> awesome
    loop until you are ready
        3778-->>You: 7. Let's schedule a call!
        Note right of 3778: 8. Interview <br> 9. Other stuff
        3778-->>You: 10. Feedback
        Note right of 3778: if we like you <br> break loop
    3778-->>You: 11. R$ 500 reward
    3778-->>You: 12. Offer to join us is made

This is a work in progress

The concept of this process is new and you can expect some bugs along the way. Please send suggestions, complaints and appraisals to